• Transform a small village into a great metropolis
  • Research to be ahead of your rivals
  • Humans and demons fight to control the planet
  • Recruit a great army to destroy your rivals
  • Build a variety of businesses
  • Plan your strategy and victory will be yours


  • Develop your city and turn it into a great metropolis
  • Recruit an invincible army to crush your rivals
  • Spy on your opponents and hit them at their weak point
  • Destroy anyone who tries to oppose you

About Ecleptia

Ecleptia is a planet that, after suffering a great cataclysm hundreds of years ago, is divided between the light of an artificial sun and the darkness caused by an eternal eclipse. This eclipse has strange properties, and has caused mutations to every living creature who remains in the Dark Zone.

The wide variety of landscapes and ecosystems that make up its surface, both in the illuminated area and in the dark area, have allowed the proliferation of all kinds of life forms. Ecleptia is populated by a variety of creatures, a multitude of civilizations and humanoids, who face as they can the terrible war that is waged daily by the control of resources and territory.

Despite being inhabited by a wide variety of humanoid creatures, two antagonistic races rise above the rest, fighting for the resources and territory: Humans and Demons.

After spending some years in the dark, humans, using an unknown combination of magic, alchemy and technology, built the Artificial Sun, which keeps half planet permanently illuminated. Under its light, humanity thrives. The leader of the humans is the Ponterator, religious and military hierarch, who rules with iron hand the cities of the men.

The eclipse has a strange influence, that ends up provoking mutations in the life forms that are exposed to it in a prolonged way. The humans who remained in the Dark Zone mutated into a new race: The Demons. Pale beings, with horns, exaggerated fangs and reddish hair. The leader of the demons is the Shokuma, a powerful warrior who forged his legend in the borderlands, where the battle is more intense.

Humans and demons have been at war for centuries, in a game of expansions and retreats that seem to have no end.

Humans want to defend the artificial sun, conquer the areas that still remain in darkness and discover the origin of the eclipse, to bring light to the last corner of Ecleptia and end the threat posed by demons.

Demons, meanwhile, try to destroy the artificial sun and everything it represents. They consider their duty to embrace the darkness and let the influence of the eclipse extend to the rest of the planet.

In the midst of this global scale conflict, a multitude of independent factions and rebellious generals, both human and demon, take advantage of the chaos to make a profit. These are dark times, and no one is safe from war.

War of Ecleptia is an online browser game of cities and armies, set in a dark world where two antagonist races compete for supremacy in an endless war.

As a player, you will take control of one of the many cities scattered across the surface of Ecleptia to try to become the most powerful general. Yours will be the choice to join other generals of your race to fight the common enemy or betray your own and join the rebels.

Watch how your city evolves reflecting the changes in your economy, and customize your army to suit your tastes. War of Ecleptia is a game in constant evolution. Join the adventure now!