Welcome to Ecleptia

Welcome to War of Ecleptia. In this user guide you will find all the information necessary to take your first steps in the game, as well as a detailed description of each of its sections, which you can consult at any time from the game itself, in case you have doubts about any element.


To receive specific information about the section you are in, look for the following icon to the right of the various title bars of the main interface and click on it to access the corresponding section of this guide:



War of Ecleptia is an online game, so you need a web browser and an internet connection in order to load the game from the site warofecleptia.com.


In addition to this, the software and hardware must meet some minimal requirements. The game may be played under certain conditions out of the requirements specified bellow, but it may not work perfectly. Zakos Games will not be responsible for any problems or errors which might occur in a game running on hardware or software that does not meet the minimum requirements.


Minimal requirements

  • Screen Resolution

    • Height: 560px
    • Width: 850px
  • Browser

    • Chrome +51
    • Firefox +51
    • Edge +14
    • Safari +11
    • Opera +43
  • Operative System

    • Windows 7
    • Windows 10
    • Mac OS
    • Linux Ubuntu
  • Hardware

    • i5 Dual core or more
    • 4GB RAM
    • Graphic processor 1GB


  • Screen Resolution

    • Height: 1920px or more
    • Width: 1080px or more
  • Browser

    • Chrome last version
    • Firefox last version
  • Operative System

    • Windows 10
    • Mac OS
    • Linux Ubuntu
  • Hardware

    • i5, i7 
    • 8GB RAM
    • Graphic processor 2GB
  • Others

    • Browser WebGL support

Password Recovery

In the welcome page of War of Ecleptia you will be able to request the password recovery process by following these steps:


  1. You have to be logged out and access the form to enter the game, by clicking on the "Enter" button that you will find in the upper left of the welcome page.
  2. Once the login form is open, write your email address and press on the text "Forgot your password?", located at the bottom of the form.
  3. You will receive an email to the address you wrote before. This email has the intructions you must to follow to recover your password.


Ecleptia is a planet that, after suffering a great cataclysm hundreds of years ago, is divided between the light of an artificial sun and the darkness caused by an eternal eclipse. Despite being inhabited by a wide variety of humanoid creatures, two antagonistic races rise above the rest, disputing control of resources and territory. When creating your game, you will have to choose between one of these two sides and thus decide the fate of Ecleptia. Will you defend the artificial sun or Extend the darkness? Choose wisely.



"Pedes in terra ad sidera visus"

A hundred years ago, the bright sun that illuminated Ecleptia suddenly vanished, leaving in its place a moribund, black and red star. This incident would be remembered as "The Eclipse". After years in the dark, humans, using a forgotten unknown combination of magic, alchemy and technology, built the Artificial Sun, a colossal plasma ball that rises thousands of miles above sea level and maintains a half planet Illuminated permanently. Under its light, humanity thrives.


Humans worship the artificial sun as if it were a god, and around their figure they have created a religion and a series of very elaborate myths and traditions. To deviate from the official dogma can bring with it the accusation of heresy and, consequently, the persecution and extermination of the divergent.


The leader of the humans is the Ponterator, religious and military hierarch, who controls with iron hand the cities of the men. Its objective: To defend the artificial sun, to conquer the zones that still remain in darkness and to discover the origin of the eclipse, to take the light to the last corner of Ecleptia and to end with the threat that the demons suppose.



"Eram quod es, eris quod sum"

The effects of the eclipse went beyond the mere disappearance of light. After the construction of the Artificial Sun, there were many who considered that the eclipse was a divine sign, and they preferred to remain in the dark zone of the planet. Over the years, it was discovered that the eclipse has a strange influence that ends up causing mutations in the life forms that are exposed to it in a prolonged way. Those who were once human were transformed into a new race: the demons. Pale beings, with horns, exaggerated fangs and reddish hair. These creatures have a bone structure and intelligence similar to those of humans, but can not remain for prolonged periods under artificial sunlight without suffering burns on their fragile skin and other effects of exposure to radiation.


Beliefs based on the adoration of certain spirits of nature have begun to spread in demonic regions, which many claim to have seen in the depths of the gloomy forests of giant, deformed trees that thrive in the regions covered by the eclipse. Whether true or not, most of the demonic population believe that these stories are true.


The leader of the demons is the Shokuma, a powerful warrior who forged his legend in the zones bordering the planet, where the battle is more intense. Under his command, innumerable clans of demons have been united, awaiting the opportune moment to carry out the definitive blow: The complete destruction of the artificial sun.


Game Creation

Before starting your adventure, you must create a game on one of the game servers. This process is very simple and intuitive, and should not take more than a couple of minutes. After registering on the web and accessing the game by entering your data, you will see the following panel:



At the top you will find two buttons in which you can read MUTE and EXIT, with which you can either mute all sounds or disconnect from the game session. You can also, by using the buttons located on the right side of the panel, open this guide (by clicking on the icon with the question mark) and the options (clicking on the icon with the gear).


To create a new game, simply click on the red button in the right panel, just below the welcome text:



In the next card you will see, on the right side, a list with all the available worlds in which you can create a game. Remember that you can only have one active game in each game world, so, once you have created it, that world will not appear in the list anymore and you will need to choose a different one. If you already have a game in all available worlds, you will not be able to create new games and the "create new game" button will appear disabled.



At the bottom left of the card you will see relevant information about the world. The start date, population and whether it is online or offline at the time you are watching. You can also see how much time is left for the current season to finish, if it is a season server. Once you have selected the server you want to play on, press the right arrow at the bottom of the panel. Note that at any time, you can go back one step using the left arrow, in case you want to correct or review some data.


In the next card you will be able to select an avatar, that the other players will be able to see and that will be your visual representation in the game.



At the beginning of your adventure the number of avatars available will be very limited. However, as you play, you can unlock new avatars with which to customize your profile. Do not worry if you are not sure of your choice, later you can change the avatar from the options within the game itself.


Once your initial avatar is selected, press the right arrow at the bottom of the panel to continue to the last card, where you can select the name of your city and the race with which you will play in your game.



The name of your city can have a maximum length of 15 letters. You have the option to include, if you like, two words with a single space between them (eg: San Francisco), but they can never exceed 15 characters in length combined. To select your race, simply click on its icon. You can read a brief description and see an illustration of the basic troops of each race. Once you are satisfied with your choice, press the right arrow again to finish the creation of your game.



- Verify well that all the information is correct before creating your game, as after this last step you will not be able to modify anything, except the avatar. Anyway, if you regret it, you'll always have the option to delete the game and create a new one.

- If you create a game and, after 48 hours, you have not bought any building, that game will be deleted from our services. Your account, however, will remain active, so you can recreate a new city at any time.

- You have two weeks to overcome the Newbie phase, detailed in a later section of this guide. If after that time you have not yet surpassed that phase, we will eliminate your game from the world in which you are, to make room for new players.


Congratulations! If you have followed all the steps well, your new game should appear in the main panel listing, on the left. Here you can see all your active games, your daily benefits and the different worlds where your games are hosted, as well as your current avatar and the race you control.



When you are ready to start, you can enter your game by clicking the PLAY button located at the bottom of the panel or, alternatively, double clicking on the box of the game you want to access.

Newbie Protection

Before we get into the subject, we want to dedicate a section to explaining what newbie protection is, as it is an important concept if you are not accustomed to multiplayer online games. Even if you are already a veteran, you should know what their effects are on War of Ecleptia. One of the first things you will see when accessing your game will be this panel, located in the upper left of the interface:



In this panel, in its upper right, you will see a small icon that represents the head of the game mascot with a pacifier. This means that you are still a novice player, which has certain advantages and disadvantages, which are:


1 - You can not attack, nor be attacked.

2 - You will not be able to recruit troops.

3 - You will have restricted access to certain researches and sections.

4 - The purchase price of the buildings will not rise until you stop being a newbie.

5 - You will have a limitation on the maximum number of buildings of each type that you can buy.


The objective of the newbie phase is that you get used to the game interface and that you can start to develop your city calmly, without anyone bothering you. As long as your daily benefits are not more than 450,000 G you will enjoy newbie protection, so the decision on how and when to abandon such protection is in your hands.


In the buildings section you will see if the next construction you make will take you out of the newbie zone. When this will happen, an icon with the face of the mascot crossed in red will appear. Once you press the build button, you will have left the newbie zone and all the restrictions and benefits mentioned above will no longer be valid.



You will also be able to see if you are going to abandon the protection in the tab of the research "Business Optimization", explained later in this guide.


The only exception to this rule is that, after losing the newbie protection and, because of the attacks you receive, you have a gross income of less than 450,000 G a day, you will not be able to receive attacks until you do not overdo it again that amount, so that you have the opportunity to recover before jumping back into the ring.

User Interface (GUI)

When you first enter your game, you will be greeted by a screen similar to this, with some visual differences, depending mainly on your race, since for humans predominate the color blue and gold and for the demons brown and red . Depending also on the resolution of your screen the distribution of the elements could be slightly different:




This is the main game window. Presents, in an orderly way, all the information necessary to correctly direct your city, as well as shortcuts to all the game sections. Here's the most important things to keep in mind, along with some explanatory notes, to navigate the different menus more easily:


In the upper left is the user information panel, which has already been discussed in the "Newbie Protection" section.



In this panel you can find important information about your game. Your username, the avatar you are currently using, your title and the server you are playing on. From here, you can change both your title and the avatar by clicking on them. You can also check at any time if you still have the newbie protection enabled.


At the top center is a panel containing very important information. Here, we detail each of its elements in an individualized way:



1 - Gold stored. In the top numeric counter you can see how much gold (Abbreviated G in the game) you have currently stored. At the beginning of the game, the maximum gold you can store is 100,000 G. If you reach that amount, you will stop making money (this is represented visually when the counter background turns yellow), so it is advisable to invest in research "Bank Account", which allows you to increase this limit. If, at any time, the stored money is negative, the counter background will turn white and the numbers in red.


Note: You can do a quick check on the gold limit you can store by leaving the pointer or clicking on the gold ingot icon.


2 - Gold per day. Here you can control at all times the net gold you are earning daily. The maximum gold you can lose per day due to attacks will always be a 25% of your gross daily gold (which you can check on the statistics, in the "Missions" section, or by clicking on the icon of the hand with the coin) that you had at the time of the previous daily server reset (more information on this topic in the "Missions" section). Remember that the amount that is reflected in this box is your gold per day minus the maintenance price of any troop you have in your army, as well as any extra tax that is being applied to you. The two main ways to increase your gross daily profits are by buying buildings and researching "Business Optimization".


Note: You can check the maximum daily losses, among other useful info, by leaving the pointer or clicking on the icon of the hand with the coin.


3 - Diamonds. Here you can check the number of diamonds you have available. To get more diamonds, click on the number to the right of the icon.


4 - Fame. Here you can check the amount of fame you have accumulated. You can get more fame by buying buildings or performing successful attacks, among other actions.


At the top right there are three buttons, which will allow you, in descending order, to disconnect from the game world and exit to the game creation / world selection panel, open this guide or open the configuration menu. In this zone of the interface you will also be able to see a War of Ecleptia logo depicting the race with which you are playing.



Under the header is located the navigation area, which is used to access all sections of the game. There are four main categories (Domains, Ratings, Economy and Communications), which encompass all sections of War of Ecleptia. Each of these categories extends a submenu by clicking on it. You can read extended information from each of these submenus in their corresponding section of this guide.



The widest part of the interface corresponds to the playing area, which will vary depending on which section you are in at any time. At the top you will see the title of the section where you are. In this bar you will also find, at the right, the extended information button that gives access to the corresponding section of the guide, depending on which section you are in.



To the right of the game area is the status bar, where you can check the status or progress of missions, researches, war room power ups and certain special events in the form of crystal balls. Clicking on these balls will usually take you to the section they are referring to. If you click on the icons at the top you can hide or show the different types of balls. From left to right: Researches, missions, power ups and special.



Finally, over the status bar you can see the notifications area, where you can see if you have new messages, mission reports or important announcements of the game to be reviewed (in that order, from left to right). If you click on each icon you will be taken to its corresponding section.



You can open the options menu at any time by clicking on the button with the gear icon located at the top right of the User Interface, as well as from the game selection screen.



Pressing this button will display a panel with three subsections, each referring to a specific area of the game: Player, Settings and Game. We detail each of these sections in detail below.



From the player options panel you can perform various actions that will affect your entire account. From this window you can change the language of the game, your password to access War of Ecleptia, or enter into vacation mode.

  • Password Change

    • You need you current password for the password change. In case of password loose you need to request a password recovery and, to do that, you have to follow the instructions detailed in the Password Recovery section.
    • Once the current and new password are typed into the fields, you are able to request the password change. By doing this you session will expire, and a login window must be shown so you can loguin into the game with your new password.
    • The option to recover password is only available if you access the game from the official website (warofecleptia.com).
  • Vacation Mode

    • Vacation mode is used when you know that you will not be able to access the game for a few days and you can not leave anyone in charge of your account. In this case, it is advisable to activate it, to avoid being attacked during that time.
    • While vacation mode is on, your account will be suspended for a maximum of two weeks. You will disappear from the ranking and you will not be able to be attacked by other players. Of course, you will not be able to access your games either. For security reasons, once activated the vacation mode, you will not be able to deactivate it until after two full days.
    • You will not earn any resources during the time your account is in vacation mode.


NOTE: Vacation mode is not available in the current version of War of Ecleptia.



Settings, just like player options, apply globally. From this panel you can configure both the graphic aspect of the game and the general volume of music and effects.

  • Visual Settings

    • Transitions: This means the progressive changes between interface states, as elements displacements, luminosity changes or blur effects. Disabling this option the changes perform instantly and the navigation along the game will be much faster, by loosing the mechanical simulation that aims to enrich the game experience.
    • Animations: There are certain elements, like skins of troops or city elements, that are animated. Disabling this option will have still images instead of animations.
    • Filters: This is the control of WebGL filters. This option require graphic processing, and for that, requires a graphic processor on your hardware. We recomend disabling this option whether the game is not running smoothly.
    • Full Screen (F11): This option enables or disables the full screen display of the game. You can also use the F11 function key to do so. Your browser may block this feature by its settings. In that case you must enable it by following the user guide of your browser.
    • Notifications: This is for the notifications service to view incoming messages and reports on your desktop, even the game window is in the background. We recommend that you authorise the game page to send notifications in your browser and manage the activation of the service by the configuration of the game. In case the browser is already blocking this function, this option has no effect whatsoever. If notifications are blocked (globally or for warofecleptia.com) but you really want the game send notifications, you can re-enable them on your browser again by following the user guide of your browser.
  • Audio Settings

    • Mute: There is a mute button on the upper left of the main game console and settings windows. This button turns the sound mute on or off, so if the red LED is on, sound is muted and no sound is played in the game. This option is very usefull to mute sound, but leave the rest of sound settings intact.
    • Music and Effects: The music and sound effects are played by 2 fully separate channels that can be controlled from this panel. Each channel has 2 controls to adjust the volume and state of music and sound effects.
      • Volume fader or slider: Controls the output volume as a sound mixer does. "-Inf" means no sound, "0" the maximum recommended volume and "+10" is the maximum level system can reach.
      • On/Off switch: Turns the channel on or off. The status is displayed by the red LED on the right of the button. If the channel is off, no sound will be played from this.



The game options only affect your current active game, so they will not be available from the lobby panel. From this screen you can change your title and avatar, as well as permanently delete your game.

  • Title Change
    • To change the title, just click on the gray arrow pointing down and a drop-down menu will open, from which you can select the title you want, from a list of the ones you have unlocked.
  • Avatar Change
    • To change your avatar, simply click on the new avatar that you want to equip yourself, and it will update automatically when you close this window. Just note that the avatar will not be shown to the other players until the next ranking refresh (more info on this subject on the "Ranking" section of the guide.
  • Delete Your Game
    • To delete your current game, click the "delete" button.
    • When you delete a game, all its data will be erased from the data base and you will never be able to play it again.
    • Once a game is deleted, it will no longer be on the world, so you will be allowed to make a new game on this world.


ATTENTION: deleting a game is a permanent action and, once confirmed, there is no way back, you will lose everything.


Your city is the visual representation of your wealth level. When you start your game, they will be only a few dirt roads and small houses. However, as you build buildings and expand your domain, the city will develop dynamically to represent your progress.



You can access your city at any time from the "Domains" section, submenu "City". Once inside, you can scroll the image to see the surroundings simply by clicking and dragging with your mouse over the city.


An alternative way of accessing the city is by double clicking on the side margins of the GUI, where you can see the city in the background.


You also have the option of zooming to better appreciate some details using the "+" and "-" buttons, located at the top right of the screen. If you want to go back to the main interface, just press the up arrow, located on the right, at the bottom of the screen.


When you start to buy business buildings, you will see that they are represented in the city. These buildings generate, periodically, fame that can be collected by clicking on them. When a building is ready to be collected, an icon like this will appear on it:



Occasionally you will hear an antiaircraft alarm sound, which means that a strange aircraft has been detected flying over your city. If you enter in the city in that moment, you can try to knock it down and take in return a juicy reward. Press several times on the aircraft to destroy it and collect your prize. These awards are random and include fame, gold and diamonds.



Finally, you can also see the city of other players from the section "Ranking", explained later in this guide. In the cities of other players you can not collect fame or hunt aircrafts, but you can consult basic information about the player and see the different skins that he or her has equipped, both in his troops and in his buildings.

First Steps on Ecleptia

Okay, we've gotten used to the interface and we have more or less a clear idea of what our position in the world is, and now what?


The leader of your faction (Be it the Shokuma or the Ponterator) has given you a city and some initial resources, which you will have to use in the best way you can to help your faction. However, in these times of war there have been reports of free cities that have completely disassociated themselves from their leaders and fight on their own, attacking their own species or even allying with the enemy.


It is a hostile world, where you can not trust anyone and in which you will find allies in the least expected place.


You have been awarded 100,000 G to start the development of your city. A reasonable use of this money will make your first steps in Ecleptia more comfortable and you will be able to leave the newbie zone sooner.


At the beginning of the game, your servant, Eclis, will propose you a series of initiation missions (explained in the next subsection: "Newbie Missions"). As you complete them you will receive gold and fame as rewards, which you can use to get out of the newbie protection faster. We strongly recommend that you follow these missions, as they will not only improve your experience, but will also help you to learn the basics of the game.

Newbie Missions

When you start your game in a new world you will be received by your loyal servant, Eclis, who will propose various missions that, as you fulfill them, will grant you valuable rewards.


You can check the description and the objectives of your current mission in the status bar, leaving the mouse pointer on the information ball or clicking on it. We invite you to follow fulfill these missions, as they can help you get out of the newbie zone quite fast and are a great way to gradually discover the different sections of the game.



To unlock the next mission, you must first complete the one you have active. Since there is no possibility to skip missions nor is there a set time limit to complete them, you can take all the time you want to do it. We also recommend that you review in advance both the reward you will receive and the maximum gold you can have in your bank account, as it may happen that the reward is greater than the money you can store, and all the surplus will be lost (to prevent this from happening you must investigate "Bank Account", wich is explained later in the guide, on the section "Research").


The newbie missions that can be completed are:


Mission 1: A small step


Objective: Build a tavern.


Descriptive text: Welcome to the city, General! The leader of our faction has gracefully appointed you as governor. Sadly, we do not own many infrastructures yet, so we are not generating any kind of benefit. To start making money, head to the buildings section and build a tavern. Do not worry, until we do not win more than 450,000G / day no other generals can attack us, so you can take your time to get accustomed to the different game menus. Build your first tavern and you will be rewarded with 500 points of fame.


Reward: 500 points of fame.



Mission 2: Labs for a good start


Objective: Build 12 Labs.


Descriptive text: Congratulations! For building the tavern you have won 500 points of fame. You should know that you can build several buildings at once by using the controller under the building icon, using the "+" and "-" buttons or by double-clicking the slider button. Try it now and build 12 Laboratories!


Reward: 500 points of fame and 75,000G



Mission 3: Research is the key


Objective: Research "Bank Account" up to level 2.


Descriptive text: Excellent! That extra income will come in handy. Currently we can only store 100,000G maximum on your bank account, which limits our growth. You can increase the capacity by researching "Bank Account", located in the "Research" section. I take this opportunity to remind you that you can accelerate the investigation by clicking on the diamond icon that appears next to the timer.


Reward: 500 points of fame and 200,000G



Mission 4: Adjusting entries


Objective: Research "Business Optimization" up to level 5.


Descriptive text: Now that gold storage is no longer a problem we must focus our efforts on improving revenue. One fabulous way to permanently improve our benefits is to invest in the research "Business Optimization". Raise that investigation to level 5 to claim your next reward.


Reward: 5,000 points of fame and 40,000G



Mission 5: City lights


Objective: Collect fama once from a building.


Descriptive text: Well done, General! Now our buildings generate more gold per day. I want to take this opportunity to remind you that you can access your city at any time from the "Domains" section. The buildings you have purchased will generate a small amount of fame from time to time. Now please go to your city and click on the laurels that appear on the buildings to collect it and proceed with this tutorial!


Reward: 2,500 points of fame.



Mission 6: Consolidating our position


Objective: Earn 250,000G/día.


Descriptive text: Magnificent! You can use that fame in the future, among other things, to activate power ups from the war room. The next goal is to build buildings until you reach benefits of 250.00G/day or more. You are doing very well, soon we will be among the best!


Reward: 1,000 points of fame and 200,000G



Mission 7: Better accounts


Objective: Research "Bank Account" up to level 4


Descriptive text: Our economy is consolidating and we are already very close to our ultimate goal. We must now raise two more levels of "Bank Account" in order to receive the next reward. Remember that both this research and "Optimize Business" are very important, so it is always a good idea to invest in them.


Reward: 2.000 points of fame and 275.000G



Mission 8: Hello world


Objective: Increase your benefits to 450.000G/Day


Descriptive text: From the headquarters they have sent us 275,000G that we can use to leave, at last, the Newbie phase. You can decide whether to do this by investing in the research "Business Optimization" or by buying buildings. Both options are valid, just follow your instinct.


Reward: 4.000 points of fame and Bank Account filled

Tips and Tricks

- Read carefully the objectives of the newbie missions, as they can help you to make money very quickly thanks to its rewards.


- Diversify your economy. Buying just one type of building is almost never a good idea, especially when you leave the newbie phase. Remember to investigate "Infrastructures" at level 10 to unlock all available building types.


- Once you left behind the newbie phase, other players will try to spy on you and attack you. As a first step to avoid being too vulnerable, investigate "Spying" as long as your economy allows it, so your enemies will have a hard time trying to find your weaknesses and may attack other players.


- Control the maintenance cost of your troops, because if at any time your money gets negative, they will all be automatically dismissed and you will be charged the costs, leaving you in a complicated situation.


- Sometimes, especially after reaching the maximum daily losses allowed, it may be more profitable to get rid of all the guards you have left and benefit from the increase in profits until the next server reset.


- Whenever you get in touch with other players or administrators through the messenger or any other of our communication channels, use English, since it is the official language of the game.


Buildings are the main source of income in your city. There are a total of 10 different buildings, each of them more expensive and profitable than the previous one.



During the newbie phase, the price of construction of the buildings will not change, but, once finished, that price will increase. One of the multiple objectives of the game is to destroy the buildings of the other players, using your army to do so. Of course, at the same time, you must prevent yours from beign destroyed. You can find more information on how to defend your properties in the "Missions" and "Troops" sections.


When you access the buildings section, which is inside the "Domains" menu, you will find different panels. Each of them represents a different building and is composed of the following elements:



1 - Title and icon. facilitate identifying the type of building. The icon appearance varies depending on the player's race. There are 10 different: Taverns, markets, arcades, dojos, armories, pharmacies, labs, garages, banks and fortresses. Each has slightly different statistics.


2 - Selection slider. Use it to select the number of buildings you want to build. You can either slide it from left to right manually using the fader (the moving white part), or use the "+" and "-" buttons to make an accurate selection. If you double click on the fader, the selector will adjust to the maximum of buildings that you can buy at that moment based on the gold that you have stored. You can see how many buildings you have selected on the large button, located on the right.


3 - Cost. The cost of each individual building. During the newbie phase, this cost will remain constant. However, once the newbie protection is lost, the more buildings of each type you have, the more expensive the price will be. Keep in mind, however, that if the buildings are destroyed, their price will go down according to the new amount.


4 - Fame. The fame you get for building each building. It will add to your total fame immediately when building the building.


5 - Daily gold. The daily gold that will generate every building of this type that you build. You can increase this amount by investing in the "Business Optimization" research.


6 - Resistance points. Each building has resistance points, which represent the damage it can sustain before being destroyed. You can read extended information about the role of resistance in the section "Missions", which explains the operation of the attack and espionage.


7 - Total number of buildings owned. Here you can check, at any time, how many buildings of this type you own.


8 - Total cost. The total cost of construction of the buildings selected with the slider. If the number appears in red, it means that you can not afford the construction.


9 - Construction button. Pressing this button will proceed to the construction of the number of buildings selected immediately. In the button appears the number of buildings selected with the slider appears. If the button is gray, it means you can not buy that amount, because you do not have enough money.


As a final note about this section, if you look at the last three buildings (garage, fortress and bank) you will see that they are blocked at the beginning of the game. To unlock the construction of these buildings you will have to invest on the research "Infrastructures", that increases the points of resistance of all your buildings and makes them more difficult to destroy.


Researches are essential for the proper functioning of your city and your army. Without them, it will be virtually impossible for you to face other generals on an equal footing. In War of Ecleptia there are 6 different researches, each of them focusing on a different aspect of the game.


You can find this section in the "Domains" menu. To access this section when you start to play, you must buy at least one building.



Each research is housed in a plaque, which contains all the relevant information that you should know, as well as a button to start researching it if you have sufficient resources to do so.


Each board consists of the following elements:



1 - Title and icon. It identifies the type of research to which it refers. The icon varies depending on the player's race. Each of the six researches is explained in detail below.


2 - Cost. Gold cost of the next level of research. If you do not have enough gold, the figure will appear in red.


3 - Current level. Indicate your level of development in each of the researches. Higher levels increase the cost and research time, but they have more powerful effects.


4 - Effect. Here is reflected the effect of each of the researches. The effect of each one is explained further ahead in the guide.


5 - Time of research. The time it takes to research the next level once you press the research button. Each new level will take longer than the previous one.


6 - Research button. If you have enough money to research it, this button will appear colored. Once you press it, a countdown will begin on the card icon and a notification sphere will appear on the right.


Once the research is started, you can pause it at any time and the progress you carry will be preserved. You will get back 50% of the money you spent, based on the percentage that is missing.


That is, if the research cost 1,000 G and you pause it just in half, you will receive half the money that would cost the remaining part (that is, of the 500 that would cost the researched half, you would receive only 250 G back).


To re-activate the research will cost you the proportional money to the part that is missing to research it(in the previous case, 500).


Here are the researches explained in detail:




Business Optimization


Unlock Criteria: Buy at least one building.


Effect: Each level of this research improves the daily benefits generated by all your buildings, so it is one of the most important ones. Keeping this research up-to-date can help you recover faster after an attack.


Next: Shows the extra percentage of profit you will receive once you reach the next level.



Bank Account


Unlock Criteria: Finish the tutorial.


Effect: When you start the game, the maximum amount of gold you can store is 100,000G, so, as soon as you start to earn more and more gold per day, you will start to notice that the number is getting faster and faster. It's the perfect time to invest in "Bank Account", since it increases the capacity of your coffers to be able to save more gold. Along with "Business Optimization", are the two fundamental pillars where you should sustain your economy.


Next: Shows the gold you can store on the next level.





Unlock Criteria: Earn at least 450,000 G / Day


Effect: Each level of "Sabotage" makes your soldiers stronger, as it gives them two additional damage and one defense points. The stronger they are with respect to the guards of your rivals, the less losses they will suffer in combat, and therefore the more profitable they will be to you.


Next: Show the damage and attack bonus that the soldiers will receive at the next level.





Unlock Criteria: Earn at least 450,000 G / Day


Effect: Each level of "Security" makes your guards stronger as it gives them one additional damage and two defense points. The stronger they are compared to the soldiers of your rivals, the less losses they will suffer in combat, and therefore they can better protect your business.


Next: Show the damage and attack bonus that the guards will receive at the next level.





Unlock Criteria: Earn at least 450,000 G / Day


Effect: Sometimes the guards will not be enough to stop the enemy. The last line of defense are the resistance points of your buildings. The higher the level of this research, the more resistance points your buildings will have, so they will be harder to destroy by your rivals.


Next: Show the next resistance bonus that your buildings will receive (leave the mouse, or click, on the shield icon to see it).





Unlock Criteria: Earn at least 450,000 G / Day


Effect: Information is power, and spies will help you discover vital data from your enemies. It is therefore highly recommended that you keep this research as high as possible and constantly updated to prevent your spies from being detected by the opponent. More information about the espionage system in the "Missions" section.


Next: Show the spy bonus you get with the next level.


In War of Ecleptia there are three types of troops: Soldiers, guards and spies, each with a specific role within the game and your army.


Soldiers: They are in charge of attacking other players and destroying their buildings. Its main attribute is the attack, and can be enhanced with the "Sabotage" research.


Guards: Their job is to protect your city from other player attacks. They will face enemy soldiers when they attack your city. Their main attribute is defense, and they can be improved with the research "Security".


Spies: These troops do not possess combat attributes, as their function is to extract information from their rivals. They can be improved with the investigation "Espionage". In the "Missions" section of this guide you can find a full explanation of the spionage system.


At the beginning of your game, the "Troops" section in the "Domains" menu will be blocked, since during the newbie phase you will not need staff to protect your city or attack other players. Once unlocked, the section will look like this:



Each of the three types of units has its own plate, from which you can consult all relevant information about them and take actions such as recruiting or dismiss units. Each of the plates is divided into three parts: Information Zone, Recruitment Zone and Dismiss Zone. Let's look at each of these areas in detail:



Information Zone



1 - Title and icon. The name of the unit and an icon to identify it.


2 - Description. A brief description of the function of each unit.


3 - Number of units in active. Here is how many soldiers of each type you currently have recruited in your army.


4 - Cost per unit. The cost of hiring each individual unit.


5 - Maintenance per unit. The cost of maintenance is the daily gold it costs to have each of these units at your service. This cost is fixed.


6 - Attack. The attack value of this unit. In the spies instead of the sword and the shield appears a small face of a spy, and, next to it, the current level of espionage.


7 - Defense. The defense value of this unit. In the spies instead of the sword and the shield appears a small face of spy, and, next to it, the current level of espionage.


8 - Current maintenance cost. The total daily money you are currently paying for having these troops at your service. This money is automatically deducted from your daily profits.



Recruitment Zone



1 - Recruit maximum. By pressing this button you will be able to recruit to the maximum of units that allow the gold that you have stored.


2 - Cost. The total recruitment price of the selected units.


3 - Maintenance. Amount that will be subtracted to your daily benefits once you recruit the units.


4 - Text field. Here you can manually enter the number of troops you want to recruit.


5 - Recruit button. When you are sure that everything is correct, press this button and proceed to the recruitment of the units indicated in the text field.



Dismiss Zone



1 - Maximum license. Pressing this button will allow you to license the maximum number of units of this type that you have recruited.


2 - License fee. The total cost of licensing the number of troops that appear in the text field.


3 - Maintenance recovered. These are the daily expenses that you will save after licensing the troops.


4 - Text field. Here you can manually specify how many troops you want to license. This amount can never be greater than the total recruited troops.


5 - Licensing button. Pressing this button will charge you the license fee, the selected troops will no longer be part of your army and will recover the daily maintenance costs that are causing you.


Important Note: When recruiting and licensing units, we recommend that you pay close attention to the daily maintenance costs, since, if at any time your stored gold is negative, ALL your troops will be automatically licensed, and you will be charged the full license fee.


The game allows you to have negative daily income, so it is perfectly possible to recruit more troops than you can afford, as long as you have gold in your bank account. However, this is an advanced tactic and is not recommended for new players.


In the "Ranking" section, under the "Ratings" menu, you can see all the players in the world you are playing in, sorted from highest to lowest daily gold profit. In this section is where you will make friends and enemies. You can attack, spy and get in touch with other players from here.


In the upper left zone you can see a search engine, which you can use to locate other players, either by their username or by their position in the ranking.


The ranking list is updated every half hour, and you can see how much time remains for the next refreshment to the right of the search engine. In the right part of the header you can change between the classification of cities and the one of clans, although the last one is not still active.


If there has been a change in the ranking after the last refreshment, there will be up or down arrows followed by a number, so you can see how many positions a player has raised or lowered in that time.



In the lower zone is the player listing, which is composed of the following elements:



1 - Avatar.

2 - Position in the classification.

3 - Race.

4 - Name of the player.

5 - Gross daily benefits.

6 - Send message.

7 - Attack player.

8 - Spy player.

9 - Visit the player city.



In the "Missions" section of this guide, extended information on attack and espionage missions is provided, and how to launch them from this section.


The background color of the player's tab gives you valuable information. The green tab is the one that represents you, the red ones are players that you can not attack. The gray ones are players that you can attack, and blues are your clan partners (not implemented yet).



The "Missions" section, under the "Domains" menu, is the center of operations from which you control your army. From this section you can organize attacks and spy on other players, as well as review the latest sent and received missions.

The internal operation of each type of mission is slightly different, so this section has been divided into two subsections, which cover both attack missions and espionage missions.

Attack Missions

As we have seen previously, your main source of income are buildings. That is why it is highly recommended that you protect them properly. An unprotected city will be an easy target for possible assailants. Ideally, you should always have a reasonable number of guards stationed to deter potential attackers.


Any opponent who destroys one of your buildings will earn an amount of gold equivalent to half the total cost of production of that building. For example, if building the next tavern cost you 100,000 G, the attacker would gain 50,000 G with its destruction. This same rule applies to your attacks, of course.


Each player may launch up to six attacks per day, to any player who qualifies as a target. These six attacks can be broken down at the player's choice. Whether used or not, your six attacks will be restored at 00:00, server time.


The requirements to be able to attack another player are:

- He or she has left the newbie phase or earns more than 450,000 G / Day.

- He or she is not beyond 50 positions above or below yours at that time.

- He or she has not already received the maximum daily losses (explained below).

So if a player you could attack moments ago suddenly becomes non-attackable, check that none of these conditions are being met.


The number of attacks that can be received is defined by your maximum daily losses. Such losses represent 25% of the total of your daily gross profit. Once that amount is reached, it will not be possible to be targeted for new attacks until the next server reset.


You can only have one active attack mission at a time.


The amount of daily maximum losses is recalculated every day at the time of reset, always based on the daily gross income you have at that time.


The maximum number of buildings that can be destroyed in each attack is defined by the level of that building, as follows:


  • 10 Taverns
  • 9 Markets
  • 8 Arcades
  • 7 Dojos
  • 6 Armories
  • 5 Pharmacies
  • 4 Labs
  • 3 Garages
  • 2 Banks
  • 1 Fortress


The combat consists of two distinct phases. During the first phase, the attacker's soldiers face the defender's guards, using their attack and defense statistics (these statistics can be viewed from the "Troops" section and enhanced by researches and power ups).


After this first phase, if there have been survivors after the combat, the total damage of these survivors against the resistance points of the target building type is faced (more information in the "Buildings" section). If the total damage is greater than the resistance points of the building, it is destroyed and the soldiers return to their city with the booty.


In case the attacking player loses combat, he or she will recover a part of his or her troops, in a percentage that will be in relation to the force of the defenders against that of the attackers. (The stronger the resistance they have encountered, the less soldiers will return after the combat, and may even return none if the defenders were too powerful).


After combat, and regardless of the outcome, a portion of the defender's guards regenerate (between 30% and 50% randomly. This percentage can be temporarily improved with a power up from the "War Room")


It is perfectly possible that, under certain circumstances, the total damage of the surviving attackers is not sufficient to destroy the maximum of selected target buildings. In these cases all possible ones will be destroyed and the loot will be calculated based on the number of buildings destroyed.


To prepare an attack mission, you can do it from the ranking, by clicking on the button with the sword-shaped icon located on the player's card that you want to attack. After doing this, this small panel will appear:



In this panel, besides being able to see basic information about the player, you can indicate the number of units that will comprise the attack squad, as well as the type of objective building. Once this data is filled in, click on the "Submit" button and the mission will start immediately.


An attack mission takes 15 minutes to complete. If you regret sending it, you can cancel at any time from the "Missions" section.

Espionage Missions

Espionage is a fundamental activity because it will allow you to discover very useful information about the enemy and will help you to prepare your plans better. It is not advisable to attack blinds, since you can easily find yourself  faced against a wall of guards, or with which the attacked player does not have any building of the type selected. The internal operation of the system is detailed below:


Basic characteristics of espionage:


  • You can only have 1 active espionage mission at a time.
  • Each espionage mission takes 5 minutes to complete.
  • You can send a maximum of 20 spies.


Espionage consists of 2 phases:


  • In the first one, it is calculated if the spies have been able to access the enemy facilities (chances of success).
  • In the second, if the spies have managed to access, the amount of information obtained is calculated.


Calculating the odds of success:


Under equal conditions, ie if both players had the same level in the "Spying" investigation, there is a 75% chance that the spying will be successful. However, this will not usually be the case, as the following factors will alter this percentage:


  • For each level of espionage that the spying player exceeds the spied, the odds of success will increase by 4%.
  • For each level in which the enemy overcomes you, you will have a -2% penalty to your chances of success.
  • Each time the player tries to spy on another in succession, he will have a 5% cumulative penalty on the next attempt (daily reset at 00:00 server time). In the tab the player will be able to see the approximate level of espionage difficulty based on these factors.


This means that if an enemy has 10 levels more in spying than the spying player, the chances of spying on him successfully will be reduced to 55% (2% x 10 levels = 20% minus 75% base = 55%) , And if the spy player has 10 levels more than the spied player, chances will rise to 135% (success assured). This, of course, works in reverse when the player is the target of espionage.


In addition, each spy sent to the mission will incur an extra -1% of difficulty, which will be subtracted from the base 75%. The maximum number of spies that can be sent to a mission is 20, so if all are sent, a total penalty of -20% will be incurred. Following the example above, and sending 20 spies, in the first case the odds would be reduced to 35% and in the second to 115% (still a sure hit).


If your spies are detected performing a mission, that is, if you do not pass the successful roll, they will be eliminated by the enemy. In addition to this, the enemy can receive, with a 50% probability, a message in his missions section, warning that he has tried to be spied on by you. If they are not detected, the enemy does not realize that they have been spied on.



Extracting information:


If the spying player succeeds in overcoming the chances of success, the number of spies sent to the mission will be a key factor in calculating the amount of information received. Each spy sent will randomly get between 5% and 15% of enemy information, 100% being an absolute success and 5% the minimum amount of information received. This means that to ensure 100% of the information, the player would have to send a minimum of 7 spies and that all of them get maximum information.


The information tables are detailed below.


In this way, if only a spy is sent to the mission, it will be difficult to obtain valid information, since, at most, it will get 15% of the total information. Finding the right balance in the amount of spies that are sent is critical to success.


Table of information obtained:


0% to 15%

  • Name of the player, alliance to which he belongs.
  • Daily income.
  • Position in the ranking.
  • Approximate total number of buildings.


16% to 30%

All of the above +

  • Total number of buildings. Replaces the approximate.
  • Approximate number of individual buildings.

31% to 45%

All of the above +

  • Approximate number of troops.


46% to 60%

All of the above +

  • Concrete number of individual buildings. Replaces the approximate.
  • Maximum daily losses suffered by the player.


61% to 75%

All of the above +

  • Concrete number of troops. Replaces the approximate.


76% to 90%

All of the above +

  • Level of the six investigations.


91% to 100%

All of the above +

  • If the player has any active research. (Which is indicated).
  • If the player has activated some power up.


To prepare an espionage mission, you can do it from the classification, clicking on the button with the icon with head form with antifaz, located in the card of the player to whom you want to spy. After doing this, this panel will appear:



Here, apart from being able to see basic information about the player, you can indicate the number of units that will comprise the espionage squad (remember that this will affect the difficulty of the mission) Once decided, press the "Send" button and the mission will begin immediately.

Mission Reports

Once the mission has been completed, you will receive a report with detailed information about the outcome of the mission. You will also receive reports when you have been attacked or spied on by other players. If you have unread reports, you will see a flashing icon in the notifications panel.



If you access the "Missions" section you can read the mission reports at the bottom of the screen. Try to get the active mission card by clicking on the red arrow to the left of the top panel!


The mission reports, both sent and received, whether of attack or espionage, look like this:



1 - Result of the mission. It can be green (success), red (failure) or gray (null).


2 - Name of the player who sent the mission.


3 - Name of the objective player of the mission.


4 - Information about the result. Depending on whether it is an attack or an espionage, this field will show, or the information that has been extracted, or the total number of buildings destroyed.


5 - Date and time the mission was sent or received. Based on server time.


6 - Actions. The left button is a shortcut to the target in the competition section. When pressed, a new mission will be prepared for that player. The button on the right serves to delete the mission report permanently.


Unread reports will have a clear background color, and those read a darker color.


To open the report and read it, simply click on the report you want and a new window will open with the information extended. You can have a total of 40 mission reports stored, distributed as follows:


  • 10 Sent Attacks Reports.
  • 10 Reports of attacks received.
  • 10 Reports of sent espionages.
  • 10 Reports of received espionages.


If you already have 10 reports and you receive a new one, the oldest one will be deleted.


The competitions provide a competitive component to the game, as they offer the possibility of obtaining great rewards to the players of the same world facing each other to see who gets the best score. Currently there are two contests in War of Ecleptia: The monthly attack competition and the weekly building competition.

Visually these sections are very similar to the normal ranking, with the difference that here in their info bars appears information regarding the contest (the total number of buildings or the current score in the attacks contest). However, from these bars the actions that can be performed are limited to locate in the general ranking the player selected.



You can check the result of the previous contest at any time by pressing the red arrow located on the left side of the monitor, in the central area of the screen. you can toggle between a contest and another by pressing the yellow buttons located to the right of the screen.

Below are the two contests, with their particularities and their prizes:

Attack Competition

In this section you will find a list of the 10 most successful attackers during the current month. Successful attacks add up to the competition. Failed attacks do not linger. Each destroyed building adds a concrete amount of points to the contest, as follows:


Fortress - 512 points each

Bank - 256 points each

Garage - 128 points each

Laboratory - 64 points each

Pharmacy - 32 points each

Armeria - 16 points each

Dojo - 8 points each

Arcade - 4 points each

Market - 2 points each

Tavern - 1 point each


Even if you are not in the top 10, you can check your score in the top left marker next to the cup-shaped icon.


Rewards: The first ten players will receive the following rewards at the end of the corresponding month (Date clearly marked on the screen located in the center of the section):


First Place: 100,000 fame, 1,000 diamonds

Second Place: 50,000 fame, 500 diamonds

Third Place: 25,000 fame, 250 diamonds

The others: 10,000 fame, 100 diamonds


During the month, the result of the contest of the previous month can be consulted. In case of a tie in points, the player who has most recently scored points will be on top.

Buildings Competition

Visually, the weekly monopoly contest section is very similar to the monthly attack contest, but in this case, what is rewarded is to have as much of a building of the same type. This competition makes sense to invest in low-level buildings, as it offers an interesting weekly reward to players who decide to invest in these types of buildings and manage to retain their monopoly.


As in the monthly, there is a list of 10 players where on this occasion appears, in order by type of building, the player that most buildings of that type have (from taverns to fortresses). However, to prevent a very powerful player from making all or almost all prizes, the same player can not appear twice in the listing. That is, the same player can not win more than one prize of this contest per week.


If a player has two or more building types (for example, Taverns and Fortresses), he / she will only be able to opt for the lowest level building (in this case, Taverns), since it is the best prize and the most difficult to maintain. This will allow another player to win another monopoly.


As in the attack contest, in case of a tie, the player who purchased the last building will have priority.


The information that will appear on the player bars will be the same as in the normal ranking, only with the ranking number and instead of the gold per day, the type of building and the number of buildings of that type that has the player. The only action that can be taken against these players from this section is to locate them in the ranking.

The weekly award for having the monopoly for each type of building is as follows:


Fortress - 10,000 Fame, 100 Diamonds

Bank - 20,000 Fame, 100 Diamonds

Garage - 30,000 Fame, 100 diamonds

Laboratory - 40,000 Fame, 100 diamonds

Pharmacy - 50,000 Fame, 100 diamonds

Armeria - 60,000 Fame, 100 Diamonds

Dojo - 70,000 Fame, 100 Diamonds

Arcade - 80,000 Fame, 100 Diamonds

Market - 90,000 Fame, 100 diamonds

Tavern - 100,000 Fame, 100 Diamonds


The lower the level of the building, the more fame is gained, as it is much more difficult to maintain such a monopoly.

War Room

The war room is a powerful tool available to all generals. From this section you can activate using fame various power ups that will temporarily boost different aspects of your army and your economy. Each of these power ups has its own tab, which have several common elements:



1 - Title. Identification of each of the power ups.


2 - Description. Brief description of the effect of the power up.


3 - Duration. The duration in minutes of the effect.


4 - Cost. The cost in fame of activation of the power up. The only exception is the fame converter, in which the price appears in diamonds.


5 - Level selector. You can select the level by using the slider or the "+" and "-" buttons. The cost will be relatively cheaper the higher the level.


6 - Selected level. Here you can see the level you have selected.


7 - Icon. Identifier of each power up.


8 - Activation button. Once you have verified that all the information is correct, press this button to activate the power up. Once activated, and unlike missions or researches, the power ups can not be deactivated.


Here's a list of the power ups currently available on War of Ecleptia:





With this power up activated you will receive a warning when you are going to be attacked by another player (does not affect espionage missions). This warning details both the time it takes to receive the attack and the number of soldiers that compose it. The higher the level the longer it last.


Level Duration Fame Cost
1 1 hour 5.000
2 2 hours 9.000
3 3 hours 12.000
4 4 hours 14.000
5 5 hours 15.000










Rapid Deployment


While this power up is active, attack and spy missions will take half as long to complete. Raising the level increases the duration and improves the conversion cost. It will only affect the missions that are sent after it is active, the missions in progress will not be affected.


Level Duration Fame Cost
1 1 day 10.000
2 2 days 19.000
3 3 days 27.000
4 4 days 34.000
5 5 days 40.000




Diamond Converter


The diamond converter allows you to transform your diamonds into fame. The higher the amount converted, the better the exchange rate. The fame obtained is received automatically, so this enhancer, unlike the others, has no duration.


Level Received Fame Diamond Cost
1 10.000 250
2 25.000 500
3 45.000 750
4 70.000 1.000
5 100.000 1.250




Improved Attack


It temporarily increases the level of attack and defense of the soldiers. Increases the level of research "Sabotage" for 1 hour. Higher levels improves power and relative cost.


Level Extra Levels Fame Cost
1 2 extra levels 5.000
2 4 extra levels 9.000
3 6 extra levels 12.000
4 8 extra levels 14.000
5 10 extra levels 15.000




Improved Defense


Temporarily increases the level of attack and defense of the guards. Increases the level of research "Security" for 1 hour. The increase in level improves power and relative price.


Level Extra Levels Fame Cost
1 2 extra levels 5.000
2 4 extra levels 9.000
3 6 extra levels 12.000
4 8 extra levels 14.000
5 10 extra levels 15.000




Improved Spying


Temporarily increase the level of espionage. Increase the level of the "Espionage" investigation for 30 minutes, which will allow you to spy on other players more easily. Higher levels improves power and price.


Level Extra Levels Fame Cost
1 4 extra levels 2.000
2 8 extra levels 6.000
3 12 extra levels 9.000
4 16 extra levels 11.000
5 20 extra levels 12.000




Arbitrary Dismissal


While this power up is active, licensing troops will have no cost whatsoever. Very useful when you need to do without the service of your troops but you do not have enough cash to assume the cost without entering red numbers. Each level improves the duration and relative cost of fame.


Level Duration Fame Cost
1 2 h 24 min 1.000
2 4 h 48 min 1.900
3 7 h 12 min 2.700
4 9 h 36 min 3.400
5 12 h 00 min 4.000






While this enhancer is active, the recovery rate of the guards after the battle will be improved by 15%. Higher levels improve its duration.


Level Duration Fame Cost
1 2 hours 5.000
2 4 hours 9.000
3 6 hours 12.000
4 8 hours 14.000
5 10 hours 15.000


One of the best things about the experience of playing War of Ecleptia is to get involved in its magnificent community of users.

Remember to visit our Facebook page and the official website of the game to stay abreast of the latest news. Participate in exciting debates in our subreddit, bring ideas of features that you would like to see in the game, create your own wiki or send us fan arts and design proposals for new troops and buildings to our email address. Any feedback is well received!


Artificial sun: immense plasma ball that illuminates half Ecleptia, formed by the combination of technology and spells long forgotten. Its bluish glow is warm and pleasant to the humanity, though the demons wither in the light.


Daily Gross Profit: Gold the player earns per day after deducting taxes and maintenance costs from his army. It is the one that appears at the top of the interface.


Diamonds: Premium currency of the game. With diamonds you can access certain premium services within War of Ecleptia.


Ecleptia: The planet where the game is set. Centuries ago there was a strange cataclysm that left half a planet in the dark. Nowadays, it is plagued by an endless war between two opposing races.


Fame: Currency that is mainly used to activate power ups, which offer different effects to the player while they remain active. You can win more fame by constructing buildings or making successful attacks, among other methods.


Maintenance: Daily cost that the player pays for maintaining his army. It is deducted from the daily net benefits.


Mass License: When the money you have stored reaches 0, all the troops you have recruited in your army will be automatically licensed. This is known as "mass license", and usually leaves the player who suffers it in red numbers. However, when all maintenance costs disappear, it ends up becoming positive in a short time.


Maximum Daily Losses: Maximum amount of net gold benefits per day that can be lost due to attacks. The maximum daily losses will always be 25% of the profit that was had at the time of the server reset the previous day.


Net Daily Profit: Gold that the player earns without discounting expenses and taxes. It is the one used to determine the position in the classification.


Newbie Protection: New players protection system, which prevents them from being attacked before they earn enough money to have a moderately stable economy. It offers a number of advantages as well as some drawbacks that disappear once you earn more than 450,000 G a day.


Ponterator: Leader of humans and important religious and military figure. Obsessed with ascertaining the origin of the eclipse and eradicating the demons from the face of Ecleptia.


Power ups: Special enhancers that can be activated with fame and offer a range of temporary advantages.


Red Numbers: When stored gold is negative. While the player is in this state, he will not be able to buy buildings or troops. It is an undesirable situation, relatively easy to avoid if you are careful.


Season: One-year gameplay, in which War of Ecleptia players compete to see who is the most powerful server. At the end of this period, the game is reset and started again, and the players receive rewards based on their performance.


Shokuma: Leader of the demons. Famous warrior known for his fight on the outer frontiers against the inquisitors of the Ponterator. Now he prepares a plan to destroy the artificial sun once and for all and spread the shadows throughout Ecleptia.


The Eclipse: Name given by the inhabitants of Ecleptia to the strange event that caused that the original sun of the planet stopped to shine. Almost no one remembers exactly what happened, and the incident remains a mystery.


Vacation mode: Functionality of the game that allows a player to disappear temporarily from the ranking, for a maximum time of two weeks. During that time he or she neither can earn money nor interact with other players.


World: Each of the independent servers that make up War of Ecleptia. Each user account can have an active game in each world. Each of these servers has its independent classification and the players that inhabit them can not interact with each other and some of them may have special rules.